5 Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Plywood

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Plywood is the most important component used in the furniture of the house. Many items in the house are made up of plywood. Thus, choosing the right plywood is extremely important. If you make the wrong selection, then you will have to replace it again and again, which will cost you both time and money. Different sections of the household need different types of plywood. For instance, plywood in the kitchen should be fire and heat-resistant, plywood on the floorings should be the strongest, plywood in the living room should be more decorative, and so on. It is evident that while setting up a house, you have to choose the plywood multiple times for different areas.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Plywood

Choosing the right plywood is a task in itself. You need to conduct thorough research to select the right one for the different sections of your house. The following are some factors to be considered while selecting plywood:

1. Plywood type

There are different types of plywood used for different purposes. There are numerous types of plywood used for making different items. 3-ply, 5-ply, softwood, hardwood, lumber core, marine plywood, aircraft plywood, etc., are some of the many types of plywood found in the market. Each of them has its pros and cons, and utility. Thus, when choosing plywood, skim through these types.

2. Grading

Each plywood sheet is graded under the 4-grades. Plywood can be graded as Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, or Grade D plywood. Grade A plywood is the best quality plywood with a very smooth surface, while Grade D is the cheapest quality plywood with flaws. Grading is done based on the quality and appearance of the veneers of the plywood concerned. When choosing plywood for your house, make sure you go for the right grading.

3. Core Quality

The core of the plywood determines the quality of the plywood. The core is the layer present between the face and back veneers of the plywood. It gives strength and durability to the plywood. Various types of cores, depending on the use of the plywood, are available in the market. Solid wood cores are the strongest and the most durable. Similarly, MDF and particleboard cores are also available.

4. Certification

Each plywood has some certifications attached to it which speak for its quality. The certifications are indicators of their grade, strength, fire resistance, protection against borers and termites, etc. Certifications of plywood should be checked thoroughly before buying them to avoid any mishap in the future.

5. Budget

It is the most important factor which ultimately determines your choice of plywood. When choosing plywood, you must consider your budget and then make the choices accordingly. Plywood should be chosen in such a way that it serves the purpose but also doesn’t affect your pre-set budget. For example, for sub-floorings, you can choose low-grade, cheap plywood rather than expensive grade-A plywood to manage the budget. Similarly, if more plywood has to be used in some place, then go for plywood with fewer layers of veneer since it is cheaper than the one with more layers of veneer. Such clever adjustments enable you to choose quality plywood under a nominal budget.

Apart from these key considerations, the edges, thickness, brand, etc., of the plywood should also be considered to make a smart choice. Buying plywood online enables you to check these factors thoroughly and helps you to buy the best within your budget.


The right choice of plywood for your place will assure you of the future. To simplify your hunt for the right plywood, CenturyPly is there to provide you with the best quality plywood. They supply the highest-grade plywood, and that too within your budget. You can easily choose the best plywood for you amidst the various options through their site.

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