5 Key Skills You Build in an Online MBA

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When considering an online MBA, you weigh the pros and cons of studying online versus studying on campus . One of the concerns often raised by prospective students is how an online degree will be perceived by prospective employers.

Indeed, until recently, some employers might question the value of an online qualification.

However, the growing popularity of online education has prompted many reputable business schools and universities to offer accredited online MBA programs in addition to their on-campus programs.

As a result, employers are increasingly realizing that the online MBA not only provides students with the same value as the on-campus MBA, but also prepares them for the digital workforce by equipping them with important skills. which are strongly promoted with an online program.

Succeeding in your MBA is already in itself an asset for employers . world will help you future-proof your career.

The following five key skills you develop during an online MBA have been highlighted by employers as important for new ways of working in an ever-changing workplace.

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1. Time management

If you Google “online MBA and time management” you will find a wide range of articles on time management tips while studying your online MBA.

The thing is, when you’re studying online, procrastination is not an option.

While you have the flexibility to learn on your own schedule, you don’t have the luxury of falling behind.

One of the greatest skills you will learn during your online MBA is knowing how to manage your time carefully and productively so that you can juggle the daily challenges

2. Self-discipline

The fact that you can stay focused and motivated on your studies, even while working, is highly appreciated by an employer.

For an employer, self-discipline is a highly valued skill, as it is associated with attributes of responsibility, hard work, and motivation – all skills that will be extremely important in the evolution of the digitalized workforce.

3. Find your internal motivations

To be able to succeed in an online MBA, self-discipline and time management become much more evident and feel less punished when the student is internally motivated.

Finding this intrinsic motivator also helps to be happier and more motivated at work. Studies have shown that people working with internal motivators are more successful because they have more energy, focus, and are less likely to burn out.

4. Virtual Teamwork

Several Harvard Business Reviews, the World Economic Forum’s “The Future of Jobs” report, Deloitte’s Digital Workplace report and many others have confirmed that virtual teamwork is already beginning but will become an even greater reality in the future. very close.

The World Economic Forum recently reported that remote working (also known as telecommuting, telecommuting or working from home) is “one of the main drivers of transformation in the workplace”.

For example, at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM), the online MBA will develop the skills of virtual teamwork, as students must constantly share their opinions and interact on the online platform.

5. Multicultural diversity

The Online MBA breaks down the barriers of time, distance and financial constraints, allowing highly qualified people of all backgrounds and nationalities to enter the online classroom.

Today, with the rise of technology, studying online can be a highly multicultural and connected experience where you network online and discuss your opinions with people around the world.

According to the Financial Times article , the ability to work in a team, the ability to work with a wide variety of people and the ability to create, maintain and expand a network of people are three of the most important skills for employers.

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