The best investments for 2023

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So like that, your savings are sleeping quietly in your bank account? What a pity not to make them bear fruit! Investing is the key to increasing your assets, carrying out your projects, preparing for your retirement or ensuring the future of your children. Don’t panic, we’re here to get you out of your financial torpor. With Neofa, don’t get lost in the investment jungle and discover the best investments for 2023 .

What are the different types of investment?

There are of course the classic investments that everyone is talking about. Then there are the others: investments, more original, less known to the general public.

Livret A, savings plan, housing or retirement, great classics in terms of banking investments ! They are not really investments, their profitability is low. Their legal ceilings prevent you from investing large sums in them. Banking products are risk -free investments to invest your money in the short or long term in order to build up precautionary savings . Another advantage to mention: they are completely tax-exempt.

To diversify your investments, why not turn to life insurance, one of the most popular banking products on the market? With respectable profitability and attractive tax advantages, life insurance can be an asset to your portfolio, while protecting your financial future.

To sum up, banking products remain a safe bet for cautious investors.

Investments in the financial markets

The stock market is the opportunity to invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds in order to grow your capital over the long term. For this, the PEA seems to be the best suited vehicle.

While the financial markets can pay off big, they are very volatile. You have to know how to limit losses and be well informed before starting. This will save you some very unpleasant disappointments.

But do not worry ! With the right support, investing in the stock market is often a lucrative and exciting option for bold investors looking for high returns and diversification.

real estate investments

Rental real estate is like the rock on which you can build your long-term financial future. It offers attractive advantages such as a high potential return, capital gains on resale and tax exemption opportunities .

As always, there are risks that need to be managed. To assess the profitability of a real estate investment , it is necessary to take into account

Do you want to invest your money in more original investments? You can turn to alternative investments such as works of art, old manuscripts, tropical wood plantations, solar panels, race horses or even vintage cars. The possibilities are almost endless and will allow you to think outside the box of traditional investments .

Don’t get me wrong, these types of investments are not necessarily simpler or safer compared to traditional investments. It’s crucial to surround yourself with the best expert advice and exercise caution before you jump in.

Investment forecasts for the year 2023

Geopolitical instability, the slowdown in Chinese growth, stagflation, the climate crisis, so many uncertainties! Contrary to popular belief, the year 2023 promises to be rich in investment opportunities . The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on global markets, but economic stimulus packages and support measures have helped spur the recovery.

On the stock market side, experts predict continued growth, driven by certain sectors such as renewable energies. Don’t forget that on average, for the past 30 years, the return on equities has been around 8% per year.

On the real estate side, despite the rise in interest rates, the market should remain attractive for investors. In recent months, observers have seen a smooth rebalancing in prices. Medium-sized cities and those located on the coast have seen their prices soar. Conversely, large cities, such as Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon, are experiencing a slowdown.

Finally, alternative investments , such as wines or works of art, are always popular with investors looking for a touch of originality in their portfolio.

The 6 best investments for 2023

Depending on your projects and your resources, several investment solutions are available to you in 2023.

1. Green real estate: a safe investment for 2023

The French market is tight and the demand keeps increasing, making this option a very promising solution. To maximize your return on investment while taking advantage of the Pinel system , it is essential to choose properties that meet the latest energy standards. Choose small provincial towns where the quality of life is high. They offer more affordable purchase prices and greater prospects for capital gains.

In short, investing in rental real estate in 2023 can be an excellent strategy to diversify your portfolio and optimize your earnings.

2. Best investments 2023: paper stone

In 2023, investing in SCP I (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) remains an idea of ​​choice for investors.

Despite the challenges posed by lockdowns and rate hikes, SCPIs have demonstrated remarkable resilience in recent years. Yields were maintained and the market continues to rise.

If you are looking to invest in real estate while minimizing risk and hassle, SCPIs are a wise choice to consider.

3. Private Equity

This means nothing to you ? It is simply about investing in the real economy , in other words non-listed companies.

You can opt for an SME, a start-up, a company specializing in real estate or even for the solidarity market in order to give meaning to your investments. The level of profitability depends on the sector selected. In all cases, it is strongly advised to be accompanied by an expert in order to limit the risk of possible capital losses.

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