4 tips to improve your health right now!

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How to improve your health? How to be healthy? How to preserve its vitality? These are questions that come up often. The answer is both simple and complex. Either way, improving your health and well-being is within everyone’s reach.

 Follow our advice to improve your health now!

1. Healthy food

The impact of food on our body is colossal . Tell yourself that everything you eat and drink goes through your body. If you don’t pay attention to what you swallow, you risk bringing bad substances to your body which will have to redouble its efforts to maintain good health. But there comes a time when the body can no longer react favorably. In this case, you start having problems. You fall ill, you gain weight, you develop weaknesses of all kinds: respiratory, cardiovascular, hypertension, etc. Food plays a key role in well-being and health . By eating properly and healthy, we allow our body to stay in top shape. Here are some healthy recipe ideas.

How to eat well? This is a complex and simple question at the same time. Nature is full of resources and provides everything we need for a healthy life. Start by eliminating everything that is industrial, everything that is not natural. You’ll see, it’s sorting! Limit fat, sugar and salt because our body does not need it in large quantities. What to eat then? To put it simply, favor everything that comes from the earth without having been transformed or adapted: vegetables, cereals, fruits… Vary the pleasures by consuming them in different forms and preferably organic without pesticides. What to drink? Promote water as much as possible, it is the only drink necessary for our good health. Last advice: avoid diets whose merits are sold to us and which are often very harmful. The organism is not a toy. Eat right every day and solve a lot of problems! By the way, did you know that in general, we eat way too much? The body appreciates the moments of fasting during which it can rest and regain strength. Find out howfast at home .

2. Drink water

It sounds silly, but drinking enough water is very important and has many benefits .. By drinking other liquids, we think we are sufficiently hydrated but this is not always the case: the body is thirsty! Indeed, water is essential for carrying out vital processes. Among other things, it allows the production of saliva, the lubrication of the joints, the regulation of body temperature, the hydration of the skin, the functioning of the brain, the transport of food, the elimination of waste… Suffice to say that lack of water is putting a spoke in the wheels of our body! If it lacks water, it does not function optimally.

How much water to drink?  On average, the body expends more than 2 liters of water per day. However, depending on the person, climate and lifestyle, everyone’s needs are different. What you should know is that some foods hydrate (fruits, vegetables) and others, on the contrary, dehydrate (alcohol). To give an estimate, we suggest drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day (excluding physical activities which obviously require drinking more water). If you don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you should drink at least 2 liters a day. The feeling of thirst is already a sign of dehydration, remember to drink throughout the day.

3. Physical activities

To improve your health, it is important to exercise regularly . You do not believe in it ? Know that you are wrong. Sport is not only good for losing weight, it is also excellent for your health! If you don’t play sports, remember to walk enough.

It is very bad to stay inactive for too long. The problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle are numerous and alarming. Conversely, sport allows you to keep in shape, at any age. The muscles, the brain and the heart need to work to maintain their vitality. With physical exercise, the human body spends itself, burns calories, reduces triglycerides and cholesterol, releases endorphins, stimulates the brain, promotes blood circulation, strengthens bones… It is an effective way to keep the line while promoting well-being. Did you know that the life expectancy of a person who sits for many hours a day decreases significantly? According to an American study carried out on more than 120,000 people, women who sit for more than 6 hours a day have a 37% chance of dying earlier

4. Sleep well

Another real pillar of good health: sleep!  Check out our article on the benefits of sleep . Do not doubt it, sleeping well is essential to good health. Sleep significantly improves your well-being. For what ? It is very simple. The whole body rests during the night: it regenerates and heals itself to be able to attack a new day in the best conditions. Find the sleep pattern that suits you and avoid sleeping too little because fatigue accumulates and plays a big role in physical and psychological health. Avoid sleeping less than 7 hours a night.

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