7 tips for cheap travel

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Do you want to go on a trip and want to know a tip for getting a cheap flight? If you follow all the tips listed below, you will save a lot when booking a plane ticket online.

Indeed, this aims to help discover relatively simple tips to pay less or cheap for your plane ticket. By implementing the recommendations you will find that you will save money for your trip.

How to travel cheaper by plane?

Why do airline ticket prices vary from minute to minute on the internet? How can I stop being subjected to artificial price increases?

Here are the main tips for cheap travel to discover absolutely! This will allow you to save money on the price of plane tickets.

1. Book your flight in advance

To travel cheaper, you must book your plane ticket at least 2 months in advance. This allows you to benefit from a significant reduction in the price of the trip.

But the rule of respecting the seven weeks in advance is not necessarily a sure strategy to seize the cheapest tariff. This is a trend as airlines make great deals available all the time.

2. Choose the right date to travel

One of the very interesting tricks to travel cheaper is to book your plane ticket on certain days of the week. In addition, to save money, there are certain days to avoid.

To travel cheaper you must choose a departure and return date on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday . Indeed these days of the week are the least expensive.

be aware that weekdays are generally cheaper than weekends for international travel. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days for short-haul trips.

3. Book your plane ticket on a specific day of the week

It turns out that airlines tend to offer or reduce administration fees and for some flights, especially for long-haul, this reduction in ticket price can reach 80 euros .

It is necessary to avoid being recognized to benefit from a fairer price.

Each computer and smartphone is identified on the internet with a number, this is its IP address. The websites of an airline or a price comparison company can recognize you thanks to this address.

So if you perform the same search several times, in a short time, it would mean that you are very likely to buy plane tickets soon.

And this IP Tracking is that the rates you will see will increase . So by noticing that the prices increase you will be encouraged to buy your ticket as soon as possible.

Tip/Solution to travel cheaper : before your flight searches, delete the cookies that are present on your computer or smartphone.

It is necessary to choose the first flight of the day, because in general it is cheaper.

4. Sign up for free newsletters

Signing up for a newsletter means you won’t miss out on promotional offers.

Almost all major online booking sites offer airfare alerts that prompt you when prices drop. This is convenient for cheap travel.

5. Have a loyalty card

Sign up for an airline loyalty program to benefit from miles, reduction on the price of plane tickets, upgrades, additional baggage, etc.

If you are a holder of the airline’s “loyalty card” , you automatically have a head start on other travellers.

To save money during your trip, you must organize yourself and prepare your travel period. Put into practice all the advice to benefit from an economical trip.

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